Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reader, let me ask you just to pause and put this solemn question to your conscience, "Whether am I devoting whatever of skill or energy I possess to the interests of the Church which is God's dwelling place, or to beautify an ungodly, Christless world?"  Say not, in thine heart, "I am not divinely called or divinely qualified for the work of the ministry."  Remember that though all Israel were not Bezaleels or Aholiabs, yet all could serve the interests of the sanctuary.  There was an open door for all to communicate.  Thus it is now.  Each one has a place to occupy, a ministry to fulfil, a responsibility to discharge; and you and I are, at this moment, either promoting the interests of the house of God—the body of Christ—the Church, or helping on the godless schemes of a world, yet stained with the blood of Christ and the blood of all His martyred saints.  Oh! let us deeply ponder this, as in the presence of the great Searcher of hearts, whom none can deceive—to whom all are known.
                                                                                                                                     C. H. Mackintosh

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