Sunday, May 15, 2016

.....he exhorteth all men to place confidence upon God, partly because God is able to give deliverance, as a place of refuge; and partly because men whether great or small, few or many, cannot but deceive, and disappoint the man that trusteth in them.  Whence  learn,  1. The duty of the comforted and victorious believers, is to communicate the fruit of their experience, for strengthening their brethren, and edification of others, as their calling permitteth them, as David doth here:  Trust in him at all times, ye people.  2. Whatsoever condition, how hardsoever, we fall into; the grace of God, and grounds of confidence in God must not be lost, but always made use of; Trust in him at all times.  3. As a guilty conscience, heavy trouble, misbelief and suspicion of God’s good will, do lock up the heart in sorrow:  so any measure of faith in God, going to him by prayer, doth ease the heart and layeth the burden of grief down before the Lord; ye people pour out your heart before him:  God is a refuge to us.  4. The way to place our confidence in God, is to lift our confidence off the creatures, and in special off men of superior or inferior ranks:  and the way to lift our confidence off the creature, is to consider the inability of men to help us, except God make them do it; and that without God they are nothing worth to us:  men of low degree are vanity.  5. Whosoever do trust on men higher or lower, are sure to be deceived of their expectation, and of whatsoever man’s help can promise:  and if we will not be deceived, the voice of God, and experience of his Saints may give us certainty of the truth of the doctrine; for out of experience David saith, Surely men of low degree are vanity, etc.  6. Carnal confidence is not only unable to help a man, when he hath most need, but also bringeth damage unto him, and makes him to find God in his jealousies an adversary and just Judge to plague and to curse him; and so if the matter be well weighed, creature-help, and creature-comfort, when it is relied upon, is worse then no help; Being laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter then vanity.
                                                                                                                                          David Dickson

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