Tuesday, February 16, 2016

excerpts from a letter by John Newton-July 31, 1773

Dear Sir,
     I received your sorrowful epistle yesterday, and, in order to encourage you to write, I answer it to-day.
     The ship was safe when Christ was in her, though he was really asleep.  At present I can tell you good news, though you know it; he is wide awake, and his eyes are in every place.....However, the ark is fixed upon an immovable foundation; and if we think we see it totter, it is owing to a swimming in our heads.  Seriously, the times look dark and stormy, and call for much circumspection and prayer; but let us not forget that we have an infallible pilot, and that the power, and wisdom, and honour of God, are embarked with us.
     At Venice they have a fine vessel, called the Bucentaur, in which, on a certain day of the year, the Doge and nobles embark, and go a little way to sea, to repeat the foolish ceremony of marriage between the Republic and the Adriatic.....when they say a gold ring is very gravely thrown overboard.  Upon this occasion, I have been told, when the honour and government of Venice are shipped on board the Bucentaur, the pilot is obliged by his office to take an oath that he will bring the vessel safely back again, in defiance of wind and weather.  Vain mortals!  If this be true, what an instance of God's long-suffering is it, that they have never yet sunk as lead in the mighty waters!  But my story will probably remind you that Jesus has actually entered into such an engagement in behalf of his church.  And well he may, for both wind and weather are at his command; and he can turn the storm into a calm in a moment.  We may therefore safely and confidently leave the government upon his shoulders.  Duty is our part, the care is his......
                                                                                                                                              John Newton

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