Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I think it exceedingly wrong when I hear exhortations made to young people, "Quit your service as domestics, and come out into spiritual work.  Business men, leave your shops.  Workmen, give up your trades.  You cannot serve Christ in that calling, come away from it altogether."  I beg to say that nothing will be more pestilent than such advice as that.  There are men called by the grace of God to separate themselves from every earthly occupation, and they have special gifts for the work of the ministry; but ever to imagine that the bulk of Christian people cannot serve God in their daily calling, is to think altogether contrary to the mind of the Spirit of God.  If you are a servant, remain a servant.  If you are a waiter, go on with your waiting.  If you are a tradesman, go on with your trade.  Let every man abide in the calling wherein he is called, unless there be to him some special call from God to devote himself to the ministry.  Go on with your employment, dear Christian people, and do not imagine that you are to turn hermits, or monks, or nuns.  You would not glorify God if you did so act.  Soldiers of Christ are to fight the battle out where they are.  To quit the field, and shut yourselves up alone, would be to render it impossible that you should get the victory.  The work of God is as holy and acceptable in domestic service, or in trade, as any service that can be rendered in the pulpit, or even by the foreign missionary.  We thank God for the men specially called and set apart for his own work; but we know that they would do nothing unless the salt of our holy faith should permeate the daily life of other Christians.  You godly mothers, you are the glory of the Church of Christ.  You hard-working men and women, who endure patiently "as seeing him who is invisible," are the crown and glory of the Church of God.  You who do not shirk your daily labour, but stand manfully to it, obeying Christ in it, are proving what the Christian religion was meant to do.  We can, if we are truly priests unto God, make our everyday garments into vestments, our meals into sacraments, and our houses into temples for God's worship.  Our very beds will be within the veil, and our inmost thoughts will be as a sweet incense perpetually smoking up to the Most High.  Dream not that there is anything about any honest calling that
degrades a man, or hinders him in glorifying God; but sanctify it all, till the bells upon the horses shall ring out, "Holiness to the Lord," and the pots in your houses shall be as holy as the vessels of the sanctuary.
                                                                                                                                    C. H. Spurgeon

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