Thursday, April 14, 2016

The tongue is the principal instrument in the cause of God; and it is the chief engine of the devil; give him this, and he asks no more-there is no mischief or misery he will not accomplish by it.  The use, the influence of it, therefore, is inexpressible; and words are never to be considered only as effects, but as causes, the operation of which can never be fully imagined.  Let us suppose a case, I fear, but too common.  You drop, in the thoughtlessness of conversation, or for the sake of argument or wit, some irreligious, sceptical expression-it lodges in the memory of a child, or a servant-it takes root in a soil favourable to such seed-it gradually springs up, and brings forth fruit, in the profanation of the Sabbath; the neglect of the means of grace; in the reading of improper books; in the choice of dangerous companions;-who can tell where it will end?  But there is a Being who knows where it began.  It will be acknowledged that some have it in their power, by reason of their office, talents, and influence, to do much more injury than others; but none are so insignificant as to be harmless. 
                                                                                                                                                    W. Jay 

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