Tuesday, December 8, 2015

We are not told to share
with Christ our every care;
we are not told to bear
our total daily care;
but we are told our cares
must be cast on Him.

We are not told to weep
through nights without real peace;
we are not told to keep
our souls in perfect peace;
but we are told our peace
only comes from Him.

We are not told to leap
o’er nights and have no sleep;
we are not told to keep
our minds from restful sleep;
but we are told our sleep
sweetly comes from Him.
And He, our Prince of Peace,
will give us restful sleep;
and He, our Prince of Peace,
will bid our tears to cease;  
and through eternity
He’ll care for you and me.
                  M. Robbins

     ....He had a sweet way-this blessed Lord of ours-of leaving all with God.  He takes no watch, He makes no fret; but He goes to sleep.  Whatever comes, He has left all in the hands of the great Caretaker; and what more is needful?  If a watchman were set to guard my house, I should be foolish if I also sat up for fear of thieves.  Why have a watchman if I cannot trust him to watch?  “Cast thy burden upon the Lord;” but when thou hast done so, leave it with the Lord, and do not try to carry it thyself.  That is to make a mock of God, to have the name of God, but not the reality of God.  Lay down every care, even as Jesus did when He went calmly to the hinder part of the ship, and quietly took a pillow, and went to sleep.
     But I think I hear someone say, “I could do that if mine were solely care about myself.”  Yes, perhaps you could; and yet you cannot cast upon God your burden of care about your children.  But your Lord trusted the Father with those dear to Him.  Do you not think that Christ’s disciples were as precious to Him as our children are to us?  If that ship had been wrecked, what would have become of Peter?  What would have become of “that disciple whom Jesus loved”?  Our Lord regarded with intense affection those whom He had chosen and called, and who had been with Him in His temptation, yet He was quite content to leave them all in the care of His Father, and go to sleep......................
     Having left everything with His Father, our Lord did the very wisest thing possible.  He did just what the hour demanded.  “Why,” say you, “He went to sleep!”  That was the best thing Jesus could do; and sometimes it is the best thing we can do.  Christ was weary and worn; and when anyone is exhausted, it is his duty to go to sleep if he can.  The Saviour must be up again in the morning, preaching and working miracles, and if He does not sleep, He will not be fit for His holy duty; it is incumbent upon Him to keep Himself in trim for His service.  Knowing that the time to sleep has come, the Lord sleeps, and does well in sleeping.  Often, when we have been fretting and worrying, we should have glorified God far more had we literally gone to sleep.  To glorify God by sleep is not so difficult as some might think; at least, to our Lord it was natural.  Here you are worried, sad, wearied; the doctor prescribes for you; his medicine does you no good; but oh! if you enter into full peace with God, and go to sleep, you will wake up infinitely more refreshed than by any drug.  The sleep which the Lord giveth to His beloved is balmy indeed.  Seek it as Jesus sought it.  Go to bed, brother, and you will better imitate your Lord than by putting yourself into ill humour, and worrying other people.
                                                                                                                                          C. H. Spurgeon 

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