Thursday, January 14, 2016

     All the good we can do to God is to praise and to thank him.  This is the only true service we can render him.  We receive all blessings from him, in return for which we should make the offering of praise.  If anything else purporting to be service to God is presented for your consideration, rest assured it is erroneous and delusive.  The distracted world attempts to serve God by setting apart houses, churches, cloisters, vestures, images, bells, organs and candles; the money for this expense should have been appropriated for the poor, if the object was to make an offering to God.  Service to God is praise to him.  It must be free and voluntary at table, in the chamber, in house or field, in all places, with all persons, at all times.
     But how shall there be honor and praise of God, when we do not love him?  How shall we love him when we do not know him and his blessings?  How shall we know him and his blessings when no word is preached concerning them and when the gospel is left to lie under the table?  Where the gospel is not in evidence, knowledge of God is an impossibility.  Then to love and praise him is likewise impossible.  True divine service of praise cannot be established with revenues, nor be circumscribed by laws and statutes.  It emanates from the gospel, and certainly is as often rendered by a poor, rustic servant as by a great bishop.
                                                                                                                                              Martin Luther

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