Thursday, January 7, 2016

     Let not your burden rest upon yourselves; for ye cannot bear it, and must finally perish beneath its weight.  Confident and full of joy, cast it upon God, and say:  Heavenly Father, thou art my Lord and God, who didst create me and hast redeemed me through thy Son.  Now, thou hast committed to me and laid upon me this office or work; things do not go as well as I would like.  There is so much to oppress and worry, that I can find neither counsel nor help.  Therefore I commend everything to thee.  Do thou supply counsel and help, and be thou, thyself, everything in these things.  Such prayer is pleasing to God, as he tells us to throw upon him all anxiety as to the issue and what we shall accomplish..........
     The Christian has the rare faculty, above all other people on earth, of knowing where to place his cares.  He commits his troubles to God and proceeds with vigor against all that opposes.  In time of danger and in the hour of death, when, with all his worrying, he cannot discover where he is or whither he is journeying, he must, with eyes, senses and thoughts closed to the world, surrender himself in faith and confidence to God and cast himself upon his hand and protection, and say:  God has permitted me to live until this hour without my solicitude.  He has given me his beloved Son as a treasure and sure pledge of eternal life.  Therefore, my dear soul, journey on in joy.  Thou hast a faithful Father and Saviour, who has taken thee into his own hand, and will preserve thee.
                                                                                                                                              Martin Luther

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