Friday, January 8, 2016

.....the more that they know of his name, that is, of his goodness, mercy, truth, power, wisdom, justice, etc., so may they the more boldly pray unto him, not doubting but that he will be answerable unto his name.....For as among men, according to the good name that they have for liberality and pity, so will men be ready to come unto them in their need, and the poor will say, “I will go to such an house for they have a good name, and are counted good to the poor, and merciful, all men speak well of them for their liberality;” and this name of theirs giveth the encouragement to come boldly and often.  So when we know God thus by his name, it will make us bold to come unto him in prayer.....Or, if a man be never so merciful, and others know it not, and so they are ignorant of his good name that he hath, and that he is worthy of, they cannot, with any good hope, come unto him, for they know not what he is; they have heard nothing of him at all.  So when, by unbelief, we hardly conceive of God and of his goodness, or for want of knowledge are ignorant of his good name, even of all his mercy, and of his truth, pity and compassion that is in him, and so know not his great and glorious name, we can have little or no heart at all to come unto him in trouble, and seek unto him for help by prayer, as these did here; and this maketh some so forward unto prayer, they are so well acquainted with the name of God, that they doubt not of speeding, and others again are so backward unto it, they are so wholly ignorant of his name.
                                                                                                                                          Nicholas Bownd

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