Friday, January 29, 2016

.....We sadly neglect the assembling of ourselves together for the simple reading of the holy Scriptures.  There does not seem to be sufficient attraction in the Word of God itself to bring us together.  There is an unhealthy craving for other things; human oratory, music, religious excitement of some kind or other seems needful to bring people together,—anything and everything but the precious Word of God.
     It will perhaps be said that people have the Word of God in their houses, that it is quite different now from what it was with Israel; every one can read the Scriptures at home, and there is not the same necessity for the public reading.  Such a plea will not stand the test of truth for a moment.  We may rest assured, if the Word of God were loved and prized and studied in private and in the family, it would be loved and prized and studied in public.  We should delight to gather together around the fountain of holy Scripture, to drink, in happy fellowship, of the living water, for our common refreshment and blessing.
     But it is not so.  The Word of God is not loved and studied, either privately or publicly.  Trashy literature is devoured in private, and music, ritualistic services, and imposing ceremonies are eagerly sought after in public.  Thousands will flock to hear music, and pay for admission, but how few care for a meeting to read the holy Scriptures!  These are facts, and facts are powerful arguments.  We cannot get over them.  There is a growing thirst for religious excitement, and a growing distaste for the calm study of holy Scripture and the spiritual exercises of the Christian assembly.  It is perfectly useless to deny it.  We cannot shut our eyes to it.  The evidence of it meets us on every hand.
     Thank God, there are a few, here and there, who really love the Word of God, and delight to meet, in holy fellowship, for the study of its precious truths.  May the Lord increase the number of such, and bless them abundantly.  May our lot be cast with them, “till traveling days are done.”
                                                                                                                                       C. H. Mackintosh

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