Sunday, January 24, 2016

          Jesus my Savior is all things to me;
          O what a wonderful Savior is He!
          Guiding, protecting, o’er life’s rolling sea,
          Mighty Deliv’rer-Jesus for me!

          Jesus in sickness, and Jesus in health,
          Jesus in poverty, comfort or wealth,
          Sunshine or tempest, whatever it be,
          He is my Safety-Jesus for me!

          He is my Refuge, my Rock and my Tower,
          He is my Fortress, my Strength and my Power;
          Life everlasting, my Daysman is He,
          Blessed Redeemer-Jesus for me!

          He is my Prophet, my Priest and my King,
          He is my Bread of Life, Fountain and Spring;
          Bright Sun of Righteousness, Daystar is He,
          Horn of Salvation-Jesus for me!

          Jesus in sorrow, in joy or in pain,
          Jesus, my Treasure in loss or in gain;
          Constant companion, where’er I may be,
          Living or dying-Jesus for me!

          Jesus for me! 
          Jesus for me!
          All the time, ev’rywhere,
          Jesus for me!
                                         Wm. J. Kirkpatrick

What shall we then say to these things?  If God be for us, who can be against us?  Romans 8:31

.....He was “for us” before the worlds were made; He was “for us” or He would not have given His well-beloved Son; He was “for us” when He smote the only-begotten, and laid the full weight of His wrath upon Him-He was “for us,” though He was against Him; He was “for us” when we were ruined in the fall-He loved us notwithstanding all; He was “for us” when we were rebels against Him, and with a high hand were bidding Him defiance; He was “for us,” or He would not have brought us humbly to seek His face.  He has been “for us” in many struggles; we have been summoned to encounter hosts of dangers; we have been assailed by temptations from without and within-how could we have remained unharmed to this hour if He had not been “for us”?  He is “for us” with all the infinity of His being; with all the omnipotence of His love; with all the infallibility of His wisdom; arrayed in all His divine attributes, He is “for us;” “for us” when yon blue skies shall be rolled up like a worn-out vesture; “for us” throughout eternity.  And because He is “for us,” the voice of prayer will always ensure His help.  “When I cry unto Thee, then shall mine enemies be turned back.”......O believer, how happy art thou with the King of kings on thy side!  How safe with such a Protector!  How sure thy cause, pleaded by such an Advocate!  If God be for thee, who can be against thee?
                                                                                                                                        C. H. Spurgeon

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